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Case Study 2 - BERT - Simple ALD

BERT at birth

Bert at 2 months old Pre Trim

Bert-at birth 22degrees.jpg

Right Leg

valgus at knee,

   a 22˚ deformity

Bert post trtmt same dayCROPPED 2.jpg

NO spontaneous correction has occurred.

The first 2 months of
high growth period
have been lost

Bert 7 hours after first trim

Bert post trtmt same day.jpg

Step 1

• Align bony column

In the 2nd visit, owner’s wife advised that she was no longer worried about the right front limb and would I please get the other 3 feet going in the same direction – which I did.

N.B. Bert was only treated twice before owner reverted to current farrier and vet once limb was straight so no Step 2, as maintenance reverted to original team.

For detailed, specific information regarding your foal with an Angular Limb Deformity (ALD), please contact:


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