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Case Study 4 - APRIL - Compound Asymmetric ALD with Flaccid Tendons

April at birth

April birth CROPPED.jpg

Both Front Limbs

Valgus front limbs

• Varus left fetlock

April flaccid tendons CROPPED.jpg

All 4 Limbs

• Flaccid tendons

April 2 weeks old after 1st trim

April Case Study fixed 2 CROPPED.jpg

Step 1

• align bony


April 3 weeks old after 2nd trim

April Case Study 2 weekds CROPPED.jpg

Step 2

• align left varus


April 3 weeks old Hinds camped under

April 4th week after 1 adjustment to Hinds

April Hinds Camped CROPPED.jpg

Step 3

• reposition

   April’s hinds

April camped fixed 2.jpg

For detailed, specific information regarding your foal with an Angular Limb Deformity (ALD), please contact:


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